About COSON : Greetings

Global beauty and cosmetics trend leader specializing in ODM / OEM / OCM,
from research and development to manufacturing and consulting

COSON is a cosmetics company created by the best cosmetics researchers in Korea inspired by their love of cosmetics. As a company with specialized technology and manpower, all employees are making constant efforts with professionalism and passion in their respective fields.

run by highly specialized R&D centers that strive to create products with only the best quality that anyone can trust and use. At the world-class R&D center, we never cease to strive for and invest in the development of innovative products in the skincare and makeup area. In addition, based on technology leadership we are securing world-class products and future capabilities.

a company that has been and will be striving for the satisfaction for our customers, so that customers make the best choice for their healthy and beautiful lives; a company that invests in the future; and a company prioritizes customer values more than anything else.

Dong Gun LEE